Want a Tantric Massage

Want a massage to revitalise your lifestyle? Go for tantric massage

Tantric massage brings together traditional stimulation techniques and sexual energy to help awaken personal chakras (energy centres hidden in the human spine). Masseurs help to align these energies and facilitate their release and flow to other parts of the body. A tantric massage London is a life changing experience that you cannot afford to miss. Whether it is the first time or have had the massage in the past, here are the key reasons why you need to go for a tantric massage.

The experienced masseurs walk with clients to divine awakening

London tantric masseurs are highly experienced in their work. To them, a tantric massage is a journey you go together until you reach divine awakening. Unlike the common massage, tantric rubdown requires a holistic understanding of the unconscious being. All masseurs have training on the process and many years helping people release their chakras.

The process begins with opening sessions for energizing. Here, you are assisted to understand the art of combining spirituality with sexuality. You are also assisted to get control of personal sexuality.

In the second part, the masseur takes clients through giving and bliss that involves giving overflowing pleasure without focusing on the orgasm. Consequently, you can give unending pleasure to your partner.

In the last session, the experienced London masseurs climax you with awakening to divinity. At this point, you experience multiple energy channels being opened to enjoy the power of divine love. The energy finally penetrates and reaches the spirit.

Relaxes both mind and body

Tantric massage W1 guarantees clients relaxation of both mind and body. Energy being released facilitates subsiding of emotional pain. You will no longer feel fear or guilty after a complete session of tantric massage in London. For some people, the energy makes them more alert, energetic, and focused. This way, you will be more active and sleep soundly at night.

Promotes better breathing

Tantric rubdown in London is offered with pranayama (special breathing methods). Once you are trained on these and practice regularly, your breathing will improve dramatically. You will, therefore, be able to remain alert for longer, improve capabilities for exercising, and reduce the time required to heal after an injury.

Improves personal sexual arousal

The main role of tantric massage is releasing dormant energy in the spine. London masseurs use tantric massage to improve divine connections between couples for enjoyable lovemaking sessions. The partner will know where to touch, how to kiss, and arouse each other sexually for a great love making session. Remember that London tantric masseurs do not leave it at that, they will tell you how to create the right love making environment at home to make every intimate session is magnificent.

When you decide to go for massage w1, it is not simply about body stimulation, it is a life changing thing that affects your health, sexuality, workplace productivity, physical healing, and reducing stress. search google for a London massage agency and select a great tantric massage parlour and enjoy services that will help you get positive changes in life.