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Live in Cebu and get great cheap massages everyday


Cebu is one of Philippines’ most beautiful islands thanks to its pristine, white sanded beaches that look as if they come straight out of a postcard where you can laze all day drinking juice watching the world pass by. Aside from the beach entertainment, the city itself provides a number of attractions: malls, authentic restaurants, and excellent bars. To get around, just hop on a jeepney—the local version of public transportation—and it can take you anywhere you want without burning a hole in your wallet and the local massages charge 200 pesos per hour which is about $4. Now all of this makes you think, “Gosh, I need a vacation,” or even, “I wonder what it’s like to live there.”

Good idea. But where are you going to stay?

A quick look online will let you know that the cost of living in the Philippines, Cebu in particular, probably isn’t as high as the cost in your original country. This encompasses nearly every aspect of living, including renting or buying a property.

Cebu Metropolitan Area is made up of several cities: Cebu City, Danao City, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, and Talisay City. The cost of property in southern Cebu is usually lower than its northern counterpart, because there are a few things that come into play. The southern area has slower Internet connection for some reason, making it less desirable for those of you looking to do some work as you travel. If you have children or are prospective parents, you need to know that south Cebu has fewer selections of schools to choose from. However, it doesn’t mean that here is a certain area that is considered poor or rich in Cebu. It is just a matter of what you need from your environment.

By Philippines law, foreigners cannot own freehold property such as a house and lot but can buy condos such as 38 park avenue cebu But the good news is you can rent everything including 38 Park Ave so why buy! There are various types of property you can rent, depending on your budget. You can rent a studio apartment (rent starts from Php 30,000 for about 20 sqm) or a condominium (Php 45,000 – 60,000). You can also opt for subdivisions with an average monthly rent of Php 6,000 – Php 10,000. In Cebu, subdivisions typically mean a gated community consisting of row houses with one or two stories, two bedrooms, and a small car park area in front that add up to roughly 54 sqm. The larger version, called a bungalow, consists of a minimum of 3 rooms and is about 100 sqm in size.

Cebu properties come in a furnished or non-furnished condition. As a general rule of thumb, furnished properties are higher in cost but you don’t need to worry about design or shopping anymore. However, there is a chance that you will be disappointed by the selection of furniture, in which case you are better off opting for non-furnished property where you can choose everything to your liking.

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mole removal cream

Beautify Yourself Naturally

Natural Mole Removal

Suffering from skin moles? If so, you have just found what you where looking for! Nowadays, there are many ways to remove your mole such as mole removal cream and there is no need to use expensive surgery that can leave scars on your skin. Even ancient Greeks and Egyptians used many natural methods and ingredients to eradicate this problem and this fact proves that natural treatments are indeed very effective.

If you want to use natural mole removal methods, you have two options. You can either make a cream or mix yourself or you can simply buy highly effective mole removal formula from a reputable company such as Amoils.


Wart Mole Vanish is a 100% natural mole removal cream made from pure essential oils. It penetrates your skin mole and dries it from the inside out. When the mole is dry enough it will fall off itself and you will never see scars. Produced by a very reputable company on the market, this product has already helped thousands of people to get rid of their skin moles forever. It is cheap and the formula is made by professionals who know what it takes to remove skin moles.

As mentioned above, the second option is to make a similar mixture yourself. Below you will find several ingredients that are proven to remove skin moles. Tea tree oil has many beneficial medical properties including antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal action. That is why it is widely used in cosmetic and beauty industry. If you want to use it to remove your moles, you will need to apply one drop of the oil on your mole two times per day. If applied daily, you will see result in one month or so.

To conclude I would like to say that it is not so difficult to remove a skin mole. Just decide which option you would like to use and start your home treatment. I wish you all the best on your way to clear skin. Good luck!


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Naughty and Sexy Massage for Men

Naughty and Sexy healing Massage for Men

Though there is a growing number of women and couples that come to learn and enjoy sensual massage. For men this is mainly a tantric massage London for men.

Being more sophisticated than ordinary escort’s visit, tantric massage is a stylish and, for that matter, sinless entertainment. Not with standing the fact that it is deeply intimate and highly erotic experience, there is no direct sexual contact between a massage therapist and her client and thus there is zero risk of sexually transmitted disease or any other embarrassing and unpleasant side effect commonly associated with precarious escort London fun.

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london dentist

Gum Massage

Home remedies for gingivitis have been proven to work better than any professional treatment simply because gingivitis needs to be treated on a daily basis and it is unrealistic to see a professional on a daily basis unless you have a lot of disposable income, and even then.. who would want to go to the dentist every day!

There is no known miracle cure or herbal remedy that will cure your gingivitis.

The best way of curing gingivitis and improving your overall oral and gum health is to use a gum massaging technique consistently, until your gums have healed.

When brushing your teeth, the bristles of the toothbrush should be placed at a 45 degree angle on the teeth and pointed toward the gums, to ensure gum massaging.

Here is a breakdown of how you should brush your teeth.

Press the bristles gently towards the gums so they spread out.
Use small circular or back and forth motion…no long scrubbing strokes.
Don’t try to clean the entire arch at once. Clean your teeth two at a time.
Clean the surface of every tooth while massaging the gums too with your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle
Start with the cheek side of your last molar on the upper right and follow your gum line around to the last molar on the upper left. Now switch to the tongue side massaging your gums on every tooth molar to molar.
After thoroughly massaging the upper teeth, check carefully with your tongue. Your teeth should feel nice and smooth. If you notice “fuzzy” or rough areas especially near your gums, brush and massage those areas again and re check.
Your gums may bleed at first and you may have to rinse your mouth several times and also your toothbrush. This is okay, just continue to brush for a minimum of five minutes and gradually as your gums state to not belled when brushing, increase your brushing time to around ten minutes. This will greatly improve the health of your gums
Any tarter or dental calculus you may have will need to be removed by your dentist or dental hygienist.

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